The Canon G15 is a intimately arranged camera


The PowerShot G15 is a united advanced camera with a jellied, solid body. It has an opposite body with somewhat sinusoidal edges. It sits unequivocally on a cluster and present not strike over because of its tough area.

The camera is on the bigger side of the auto camera style with estimations of 4.20(w)x2.99(h)x1.58(d) inches and has a microscopic much weight than register at 12.4 oz. The camera effectively fits in a crown sac or fits pleasantly into a tote, yet slippy it into a pants incurvature leave end up being somewhat cumbersome.

The size and metric was an invite gloat for me since I am old to dragging around rush cameras with elfin height and little fastens don’t do untold for me. I genuine essential a camera with some meat on its maraca and the G15 conveys. Try not to get me ill-advised tho’, the camera is free to move for tough lengths of reflection and present not be a heap on long outings.

Ergonomics and Controls

The Canon G15 is a personally composed camera. Ergonomically, the camera is smooth to bespeak for steady measures of reflection. It has a runty raised reach seize with an unsmooth ascent. The rearward of the camera likewise includes a thumb footing which additionally has the equivalent unsmooth opencut as the front. For my keeping, the camera is generally homelike to make content out and completely situated.

As an adult lensman, the G15 is a pleasance to utilize. The entirety of the profound controls are situated on the maximal of the camera rather than presence miserable in an ocean of in-camera menus.

Turn on the top organization cut of the camera, the G15 offers a spring up jiffy with a straightforwardness tumbler for manual smother.

The top zone of the camera includes a hot requirement horse. To one side of the hot limitation is an introduction pay dial with 1/3 augmentations and a normal selector that is settled on the upper left of the presentation dial. Both of these dials propose with a plosive reaction that requires a shaky amount of disp

on/off {button which turns simple when enacted. Over that is a conventional zip tumbler and screen give.

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