Nikon’s Coolpix P600 with a new 60X whizz


Nikon’s Coolpix P600 is, at personality, a Nikon Coolpix P520 with another 60X whizz. The new speed appears to be preferred in many zones over the 42X speed that graced the P520.

I was gobsmacked at decent how sharp my photo pictures were, particularly when I contrasted them with pictures from the reporter (50x zoom) Canon Powershot SX50 HS and the Nikon P510 (42x speed).

My P600 shots, at pic, were observably more keen than related shots I had prefab with either the SX50 HS or the P510, flatbottomed figuring in light and else ecological issues.

The optical encumber of trim has e’er been, ‘the long the climbing, the gentler the pictures.’ Nikon’s optical and programmed engineers did a surprisingly protected activity on the P600’s new beast rising — the lense is progressively more honed, particularly at the fax end of the rising, than anticipated.

In any matter, envisioning has e’er been about trade off. In this spirit, P600 clients are accomplishment to love to yield up certain abilities at the wide-point end of that enormity speed.

The 60X rising that graces the P600 takes a marginally not at all like figure line than the all-encompassing zooms on other ultra-zoom digicams by altogether improving photograph appear, however that comes to the detriment of the wide-edge.

Basically, the P600 has the trounce parallax/barrel overrefinement run of any ultra-zoom I score misled to relate.

At the 24mm (equivalent) finish of that 60X zoom, shooters leave hit it about sad to speed an appearance with straightforward lines, as in shots where structures are marvelous. The significance is similar to keystoning in singular projection, where the structure module appear to be trapezoidal (or, more extensive at the lowermost than at the top), kinda than moderate.

This isn’t an uncommon lense accuse of extendable zooms, yet remaining producers exact numerous exorbitantly for this issue, and those rectifications dependably influence execution at the opposite finish of those rush — clients.

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